Monday, February 24, 2014

Dragobete....Love Romanian Style

Dragobete Saliste, Sibiu

On February 24 everybody in Romania loves…. sweet Romanian style, in the purest and most intense way.

It is the day of spring when nature comes back to life, birds sprinkle joy with their song, spring flowers delight our senses, tradition transcending from Dacian times.
Dacian Gold Cup

It is similar to Valentine's Day,  Dragobete is the name of the handsome and strong young man that brings love in the home and heart.

Legends from ancient times depict him as a mythological character, like Eros, the ancient Greek god of love and Cupid from the Romans, who officiated from the heavens weddings for all animals at the beginning of each spring, a tradition that continues in the folklore.


On this day, basil is sown… seeds are placed in the soil, in small pottery vessels, nurtured in window sills in light and warmth until the day of Saint George, on April 23 at which time the basil is planted out into the garden. 

It is believed that the basil will poses special magic and healing qualities.

Should you chose to celebrate, indulge with a cherished Romanian Champagne.

Special Champagne Crystal Glass Presentation fit for royalty with exquisite detailed packaging.

Subtle, with great tradition of production, splendor in presentation and tasting delicacy. 


A crystal bottle plated with gold and silver will deliver the luxurious Panciu champagne.

Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova


Walnut Sour Cherry Chocolate Tort


Choux à la Crème  

Dobos Torte
                                                               Voyages of Discovery

Certainly one way to commemorate an unforgettable  celebration...Enjoy!