Monday, February 3, 2014

Art in the Afternoon….Sibiu

The morning sounds are filtering through the open windows at Am Ring Hotel in Sibiu, my favorite when I am on a cultural adventure.

The Large Market Square is in a mauve mist dotted with brush strokes of light smoke, warm coral and steel as dawn brings her veil upon it, pigeons dance in the water fountains.
                                                              Voyages of Discovery

Stepping out for a taste of Hermannstadt, over 900 years of medieval wonder in Transylvania. Several hours revisiting a dear spot of the world go by too fast.

Piata Mare


Cobble stone streets guide me through pastel painted walls, fortress towers, Gothic and Romanesque structures to my destination for this afternoon, the Brukenthal Palace.


                                              Brukenthal Pallace

                                          ROMANIAN ART GALLERY

                                     Address: Piata Mare Nr. 5, Sibiu

                               Entry from Brukenthal Palace, second floor

                                          Tel. +40 269 217691

                                             (+40) 369 101 780
Started in 1778, the building was erected as property of Samuel von Brukenthal, Governor of Transylvania (1777 – 1787) and in accordance with the plans of Viennese architect Joseph Franz Martinelli.

Today I will revisit the Romanian Art Gallery, Nicolae Grigorescu, Gheorghe Tattarescu, Theodor Aman, Stefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza to name a few painters in the collection.

Nicolae Grigorescu

Gheorghe Tattarescu

Theodor Aman

Stefan Luchian

Illuminated by the paintings, the visual richness of the museum, I am on my way to complete the day with "Faust" after J.W. Goethe, an theatrical experience directed by my friend Silviu Purcarete at the National Theater Radu Stanca, Sibiu.Curtain time 10:00 P.M......