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Traditions That Remain Vibrant….Protection Of The Mother Of God

Govora Monastery Fresco
On October 1sttriumphantly and joyfully Romanians and other Orthodox Christians
celebrate the Protection of the Most Holy Virgin.
The historical basis for the feast is the protection of the Christians during siege and invasion of the Byzantine capital, Constantinople, over 1000 years ago.
Byzantine Art Studio Mosaic
It was during an All-Night Vigil in the Blachernae church, overflowing with those at prayer, that Virgin Mary after praying for a long time took off her veil and spread it over the people praying in church, protecting them from enemies that were attacking the city.
Sacred images of this event emerged as magnificent icons, monasteries were built and the miracle celebrated.
Monastery Sucevita Fresco
Some of the holy places that share the name are Calugara near Caransebes region, Monastery Secries, near Moldovita and Govora near Mihăieşti in Vâlcea region of Oltenia.
Map of Romania
Calugara Monastery

Govora Monastery was founded in the XIV century, during Vlad Dracul’s  rule, construction added during Vlad Tepes, and  so on through the ages.

Govora Monastery

Govora Monastery Interior 

Govora Monastery Nuns

Oltenia Peasant Home
While in Oltenia, one must partake in the culinary delights of the region, dishes that warm the heart paired wines that warm the spirit.

Ciorba de Loboda
Loboda is a wild or garden leaf plant Atripex Hortensis, also known as French Spinach.
Crama Bolovanul

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