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Dormition of The Mother of God…..Traditions in Romania

Dormition Of The MOG Fresco 
Should you pass by Curtea de Arges Monastery, situated on the right bank of the Argeş River flowing through the valley of the lower Carpathians (the Făgăraş Mountains) on August 15th, you would be greeted by pilgrims celebrating Dormition of The Mother of God, Virgin Mary.
Curtea de Arges Monastery

Monastery Mosaic
Every year, the day of the Dormition, Monastery Curtea de Arges, dwelling built in the early sixteenth century by ruler Neagoe Basarab, awaits believers who come to worship the Virgin Mary and Saint Philothea.

Curtea de Arges Cupolas

Monastery Interior

Ancient folk traditions are transcending in various parts of Romania, each specific to the microcosm of the region.

By the Danube and the Black Sea, sailors celebrate as St. Mary is their protector, Romania Navy Day.

The autumn season starts with celebrations in the vineyards, planting of the wheat fields as well as feasts and pilgrimages at the monasteries with the name of the Virgin or the Dormition.
Văratec Monastery

The feast day at Văratec Monastery, the nuns are preparing for the believers who will cross the threshold of the monastery.

Humor Monastery

While traveling through Moldova, one has to discover the culinary delights of the region as well.
Stuffed Cabbage and Polenta
Mucenici Moldova Pastry

Bors Moldovenesc

Meatball Sour Soup
Also on August 15th honoring their patron are Bistriţa Monastery and Hermitage Draga from Neamţ County, monasteries Zosin Cozancea from Botoşani area, monasteries Rarău, Humor, Feteşti Hermitage Orata and Plutoniţa in Suceava.

Neagoe Basarab was the Prince of Valahia between 1512 and 1521, the great ruler that built Curtea de Argeș Monastery.

He was canonized as Hesychast and Prince of Peace on September 26, 

Neagoe Basarab and Milica Despina

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