Friday, December 13, 2013

Pelisor-Romantic Art Nouveau Retreat for Queen Marie of Romania

Sweet, wet, green fills the mountain sides reminding me it is spring time in Sinaia.

Last night’s rain left a sparkle on the streets and roof tops. On the peaks of the mountains a garland of snow embraces the clear blue sky.

My footsteps are taking me to Pelisor, “Little Peles” castle at the Royal Estate, built between 1899 and 1902 by a Czech architect Karel Liman and decorated by the Viennese Bernhard Ludwig for King Ferdinand and Queen Marie.

E. Galle, Daum Brothers, J. Hoffmann, L.C. Tiffany…their works and spirits adorn the space.

Pelisor's 70 rooms feature a unique collection of turn-of-the century Viennese furniture and Lalique glassware as well as one of the most important and most valuable painting collections in Europe, almost 2.000 pieces.

The Queen decorated a couple of rooms, having herself a refined taste and artistic personality, combining gracefully Art - Nouveau, Byzantine and Celtic influences.

Gilded Rooms

Playful clouds are passing by brushing against the ancient forests, the light is pale. The air is crisp with nuances of firewood smoldering in a stove. Down in the valley a table in the sun is waiting at Snow Restaurant.