Sunday, April 24, 2016

Palm Sunday A Romanian Celebration

Palm Sunday Orthodox Romanian Church

Romanian Orthodox Christians celebrate today The Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, Palm Sunday.

Entry Into Jerusalem Icon

They attend the liturgy in their various holy spaces, churches and monasteries with willow branches symbols of the palm leaves that greeted The Saviour, reminders of renewal, rebirth.

Blessed Willow Basket
As they return home, they adorn their holy icons, doors and windows with them in the ancient belief that these branches help healing diseases, bring abundance in the household and are kept throughout the year, until the next Palm Sunday celebration.

On Palm Sunday eating fish is allowed, which is the second absolution of Lent, after the Annunciation. This is permitted because it is said that Jesus asked to eat fish.

Roasted Fish On Root Vegetables

Mussels With Garlic And Tomatoes

La Mama Ateneu Bucharest 
Voila French Restaurant Menu for Palm Sunday

Traditions continue to be honored on a holy day in the Romanian hills, mountains and valleys, villages, cities and remote corners of the land.

A very unique tradition is to celebrate the friends and family members whose names are of flowers, male and female..Florica, Florin, Florina, Viorica, Viorel, Florea, Florian, Crin, Camelia, Anemona and many more.