Sunday, November 29, 2015

Traditions That Remain Vibrant...St.Andrew's Night November 30th

 For Romanian people, on the night of St. Andrew, November 30th, the traditions are similar to the American Halloween, accompanied by many rituals and superstitions.

According to the ancient folk traditions, tonight the spirits come in the world of living, wolves talk with human voices while people protect themselves from evil using ancient spells and….garlic….yes the wonderful garlic is used in protecting the stables, wreaths are hung inside, bundles of garlic at windows of the homes and delicious meals are abundantly blessed with garlic.

Garlic Wreath
There is another culinary delight that comes into the recipes of St. Andrew’s night protection...the fragrant basil, not only to enhance any dish but put under the pillow at night by the single young women so they may see their true beloved in their dreams.

Basil Under The Pillow Tradition
The Apostle St. Andrew is considered the country's patron, he preached the Gospel and he shared the word of God in these lands, thus one can find in Dobrogea region of Romania ancient names of places, such as Saint Andrew's Cave, St. Andrew creek.

St.Andrew's Cave
Apostle St.Andrew Protector of Romania

Farmers and gardeners honor Saint Andrew by sprouting wheat indoors to predict how abundant the harvest will be next year, and also to bring good fortune and prosperity to the households and their family in the coming year. 

Sprouted Wheat for Good Fortune

They will set the green wheat bowls on their New Year's Feast tables.