Monday, October 13, 2014

Art in the Afternoon…..Bucharest, The Cotroceni National Museum

The Cotroceni National Museum Palace

Every year I try to make the most of my trips to Romania and the unique blend of traditions, art and culture, food and places to enjoy it, people to meet.
Monastery Cotroceni Iconostasis 

This October it was no different…a tapestry of rural delights, vineyards, forests and historic towns woven in a rich autumn palette.
Poiana Brasov Autumn
The choice for one afternoon was art…art in Bucharest. I had few hours set aside to dive deep in the one place I had not visited in a couple of years…The Cotroceni National Museum.

Palace Interior
Three centuries of history embrace the structures and land vibrations of the museum, all interwoven with politics, historical facts, religious and cultural aspects.

It started with the founder, Prince Serban Cantacuzino who ruled between 1678-1688 and continued through the times with the imprint of various dignitaries and a long list of personalities.
Prince Serban Cantacuzino
My interest….interiors, architecture and decorative arts, ready for a visual feast.

Palace Salon

Queen Marie's Bedroom

Cotroceni Norwegian Salon

Cotroceni German Dining Room

King Ferdinand's Library

Cotroceni Salon Oriental

Bronze Vessel

Art Nouveau Brass Covered Vessel

Since this is also the official headquarter and residence of the President of Romania, I shall stroll through the gorgeous grounds….on my way out hoping to say Buna Ziua!