Friday, January 10, 2014

Agapia Retreat

Rolling hills gently covered with a green velvet shawl…woods and meadows are guiding us.

The blue drape of the sky is turning angry, stormy clouds are floating ready to burst; a soft veil of rain softens the horizon.

Just in time to take shelter…Agapia Monastery will be our retreat for few days under the blessing of Archangels Michael and George and the sweet, gentle nuns that live, pray and work here.

Agapia Monastery, Moldova

Built in 1644, painted in 1858 by young Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu, Agapia is an architectural jewel filled with history and rich Moldavian traditions.

Nicolae Grigorescu Frescoes
 It suffered fire damage during the centuries, a couple of churches and living structures are now on the property.

Monastery Rooms

Mother Superior: Stavrofora Olimpiada Chiriac
Adress: Agapia, Judetul Neamt, postal code 617010,  Romania
Tel.: + 40 (233) 244736
Old Agapia Monastery
Map of the Agapia Area
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The crisp cool linens in our room are inviting, scent of pine and flowers from the veranda fill the space, crickets will be witnesses to our dreams.