Monday, May 2, 2016

Traditions That Remain Vibrant...Easter Eggs

Romanian Easter Eggs

Easter celebrations in the Romanian tradition is marked by sprucing up of the houses and farms, the special services in the Orthodox Churches but also a wide range of traditional Romanian rituals.

Hand Painted Bucovina Eggs

On the Romanian table an abundance of red eggs, sweet cakes and roast lamb are always present.
Roast Leg Of Lamb
The custom of coloring eggs is fortunately still practiced, especially by the Romanians in various styles and colors according to the traditions of each region or village.

Egg Painting Tradition

Maramures Red Easter Eggs
In Maramures area, Lapus region in the morning, the first day of Easter, children (up to age 9) go to friends and neighbors to announce the Resurrection.

Easter Feast

The host gives each child a red egg. 
Upon leaving, the children thank the folks for the gift and wish them blessed Easter celebration.
Tradition Of Knocking Eggs
An ancient ritual is that the threshold must be passed first by a boy so 
the household will be
blessed with harmony the rest of the year.

Bucovina Boy
On the morning of first day of Easter, children wash their faces with fresh well water in which is placed a red egg and green blades of grass.

Traditional Egg Painting

                         Hristos A Inviat!    Christ Is Risen!