Sunday, February 1, 2015

Water – Sacred Romanian Ancient Myth

According to the original source, in the beginning, when there was "nothing" - when there is only the possibility or unspecified existence of creation - that nothing has taken the form of a "multitude of waters " swirling in space thus "in the beginning was only water."

He is walking on Water

Romanian legends tell us that only God and the Devil were traveling on these waters and God, Dumnnezeu trampled over the Devil, Dracul with both superior powers and the truths.

Water appears both as a source of raw material but also as a symbol of regeneration and source of life. The presence of water is required in the depiction of any existing family or social rites.

Healing Source

Water  is also seen as blood, a purifier and transfiguring of the earth. Its function is magical and sacred in these rites as  the purifier. Ground water after the original creation, has resulted in a kind of cosmic body in waters that spring from the depths when the earth is "hurt" - naturally or by human intervention they are the "blood of the earth". Therefore, the nature of its cleansing ability resembles the pagan blood sacrifices.
Baptismal of Our Lord

This water as purifier is present in the rite of baptism or bathing the child immediately after birth and bathing the dead before burial.

The ancient water rites continue today through the purification of the body with thermal healing waters from various Spas and Resorts throughout Romania.
Herculane Baths

Hercules Statue in Herculane

Herculane Baths, the oldest resort in Romania and one of the oldest in the world, documented since Roman times in 153 AD.
The hot springs have a temperature between 100 and136 degrees Fahrenheit. The resort is situated in Caras-Severin part of the Cerna Valley National Park-Domogled.
Herculane Baths 1824

The main healing factors are the therapeutic sulfur springs, iodine, bromine or bicarbonate, mineral and chlorosodic which are recommended for both external and internal cures.

Calimanesti – Caciulata Baths  are situated in a  beautiful landscape on the river Olt Valley, famous for its therapeutic effects of mineral waters for a multitude of health issues, so  effective that they were regurarly used by the French emperor Napoleon III himself.
Calimanesti Hotel
Our foot steps take us quietly to a holy place nearby, Cozia Monastery, near a body of water....erected close to Calimanesti by Mircea The Elder in 1388 and housing his of the most valuable monuments of medieval art and architecture in Romania.
Cozia Monastery

Cozia Monastery Fresco 

Mircea The Elder Founder of Cozia Monastery

                              Water.... Source of Life....Rejoice!