Friday, November 22, 2013

Guests in the Afternoon

 The traditions of Moldova run deep through the centuries, the people are known for their hospitality and generous spirit.

Should you happen to be the guest of folks in any village in Moldova in the summer time, you would be invited to sit under the grape vine pergola with fresh hand embroidered linens on the table.

 A large bowl with new honey in honeycombs, freshly baked bread would be placed in the middle with the invitation to partake.

Small clay pitchers are filled with sweet white wine..
.Grasa de Cotnari.

Polizu Manor

 Cotnari Winery    

Cotnari is situated in the north east of Romania, in the province of Moldova where it enjoys a particular micro-climate with the vineyards protected from the easterly winds by the hills. 

 The Grapes
The blend which is Cotnari has stayed the same for nearly 500 years: 
30% Grasa, 30% Feteasca Alba, 20% Tamaioasa and 20% Francusa, all Romanian varieties, all vinified separately and aged separately, then blended at the time of bottling. 

Grasa has a great affinity to the noble rot (Botrytis), while Tamaioasa adds the luscious aroma. Both grapes are harvested late in the autumn, when the sugar accumulation is very high.

Color-Golden yellow with a greenish tint.

Nose-Freshly baked bread, honey and apricot. 

Taste-Rich, complex sweet fruit, balanced by a lively acidity.
Serve well chilled as an aperitif or after a meal with a rich desert.