Sunday, June 19, 2016

Traditions That Remain Vibrant....Pentecost Romanian Rusalii

Pentecost Icon
Each year Romanian Orthodox Christians celebrate Pentecost Sunday or Rusalii as it is called in the folk tradition, when The Holy Spirit descends upon Christ’s Apostles.
Pentecost Orthodox Icon
It lasts for two days and it is always celebrated 50 days after Easter.
Linden Flowers
On the day of Pentecost, Christians come to church and bring linden flowers or walnut leaves, symbols of the tongues of fire that mark the descent of the Holy Spirit.
Blessing of Linden Flowers and Walnut Leaves
These leaves are blessed and distributed to the believers.
Linden Branches Protecting the Home
Tradition says that these blessed branches of walnut and linden flowers should decorate the windows of the house and icons since they have protective powers against the capricious Fairies or Rusalii.
Rusalii Pagan Fairies

Another ancient folk tradition in villages at Pentecost is a specific folk dance performed by men "Căluşari".
Dance of Calusari

Village Calusari 

Boys Calusari

Farm animals are included in celebrations with adornments of summer flowers for good fortune.
Farm Ox adorned with Summer Flowers
Feasts of cherries, wine, pastries and coliva a traditional Romanian wheat porridge are offered to friends and family.
Rusalii Feast

Celebration of Summer Rusalii