Friday, March 4, 2016

Remembering The Departed...A Tradition That Remains Vibrant "Mosii De Iarna"

Offerings For The Departed
Every year, on the Saturday before Judgement Sunday, Orthodox Christians in Romania remember the loved ones that passed away.
Basket With Offerings
According to popular tradition, this celebration is called "Winter’s Elders" or "Saturday of The Dead."
Remembering The Departed
On this day in church we remember people who have not had a funeral by ordained priests and all departed as well.

According to ancient traditions in some areas of the country it is believed that old souls of the dead come this day on earth, while the believers give as offerings cooked food for the spirits to elude them.
Traditional Offering Of Coliva, Light And Pastry
Passed away souls come to feed and delight on the scent and aromas of dishes that are simmering, so they may remember and savor the rest of the year.
Offering Of Sarmale, Breads And Wine
On this day the ancient tradition is to give cabbage rolls, pie, wine, coliva, nut rolls, or even fruit and lit candles.
Bringing Light To The Grave
The graves of relatives are visited and blessed with light, at least two candles, which are intended to warm the souls of the dead.

Light For The Souls