Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Al Fresco

As I am coming down the side of the mountain from Pelisor, thoughts of basking in the last hours of the afternoon May sun are taking over my recent visual delights…Art Nouveau gilded chamber walls. 

Slowly my visions are of the culinary nature, gilded roasted poussin, young chicken carefully raised on select grains to produce a succulent, tender and delicious bird.

I have a spot on the terrace of Snow restaurant, delightful spot with Tyrolean d├ęcor and great food.
Snow Restaurant Sinaia

Their menu celebrates the fertile region of Prahova Valley and its traditions from old Romanian kitchens, tastes that are pure and simple.

My heart is set on a poussin, roasted in the most rustic way, but I will start with Tomato and Dumpling Soup and finish with a scrumptious desert, Lugoj Crepes stuffed with local farmer cheese, raisins and topped with meringue.

From the terrace I can see the cabin going on the side of the mountain to Cota 1400 in the clouds.

A calico cat is making the rounds under the tables, she will be my dining companion for this afternoon.