Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bring In The Goats!

Caroling with the Goat in ancient times between Christmas and Epiphany became extremely significant for Romanian farmers, as was intended to predict  the weather.... will it be better in the year to come, or would it bring many rainy days and cold?

The Goat would become a divine calling to bring blessings in all areas of agriculture, more fertile and fruitful land, rich harvest and increasing the number of animals in the shepherds’ herds. 

The folks receiving the Goat in their homes would throw seeds and berries in the path of the dancers to invoke a good harvest.

This dance came through the centuries from the Romans as a pagan ritual but it has become a folk tradition throughout Romania to bring joy, good fortune and good health to each house for the New Year.

In every region of the country, the Goat is celebrated in a special way, in Hunedoara is replaced by deer, in Muntenia and Oltenia called Brezaie while in Transylvania is known as Bourita. In the eastern part of the country, Moldova, the name of Capra is very common as well a Turca and each regional colors and textures are used in the costumes.

 Rejoice! Dance and Celebrate! Happy New Year!

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